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Article by Tomaž Gržeta about the recital Balkanska sinteza 1August 18th 2021


Tomaž Gržeta about the performance of Nemeš Dular at Koncertni atelje DSS, February 24 2021


Marijan Zlobec about her performance at 31. Slovenian musical days April 19 2016


Gregor Pompe about her performance at 31. Slovenian musical days April 19 2016


»Pianist Lovorka Nemes Dular captured the audience with excellent performances of music by fenno – ugric composers (Kurtag, Sumera , Rautavaara).«

Tatjana Gregorič, Glasna, december 2011 − january 2012


“/…/ her  pianism /…/excells  in perfect  technical knowledge and an intellectual approach to the works she plays /…/ quick in passages, intelligible in all elements of pianistic styles and particularly  mindful of  pedaling, this young artist proved an outstanding technical preparedness.«

Dr. Zdenka Weber, argumentation for The prize of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Glazbeni vjesnik, october 2008


“The fact that Lovorka Nemeš Dular has participated in masterclasses of  important European pedagogues and that she studies musicology undoubtedly influences her pianism, which reflects excellent technical knowledge as well as an intellectual attitude to the works she performs.

Dr. sc. Zdenka Weber, april 2008


»Young slovenian pianist Lovorka Nemes Dular enchanted the audience with the performance of Sonata The fire sermon by E. Rautavara.«

Eeva Sarmanto-Neuvonen, Pianisti  2008 (Pianopedagogit ry)


Our musical audience and professional musicians praised her recital as
very successful and inspiring in the sense of artistry and interpretation.”

Halid Kuburović, director of JU »Sarajevo art«, october 2007



»/…/ in stylistically contrasting pieces she displayed perfect mastership of piano playing, corroborated by fluent music making. In short, an  interpretation worthy of praise!«

Irena Deželak o njeni izvedbi del Rahmaninova in Ravela (RTV SLO), december 2006



 »In concert programme of Wind band of Music School Grosuplje under the leadership of Boštjan Dimnik we heard /…/ Rhapsody in blue with outstanding piano soloist, Lovorka Nemes.«

Jože Miklič, Grosupeljski odmevi, june 2005